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Data, Communications & VoIP

IPTECHVIEW includes a set of tools for ensuring quality of service and providing secure remote access to edge devices, edge based on-premise systems or cloud PBXs to resolve potential problems if they arise by either the company internal IT staff or their technology partners. 


Providing the Best Quality of Service for Voice and Video 

IPTECHVIEW was designed to manage and monitor Quality of Service (QoS) in mixed voice, video, and data networks in a multi-vendor environment. It is often used to find and eliminate challenges that require remote intervention when problems arise. 

Enable two-way audio with IP Phone Integration 

Intelligent IP cameras like MOBOTIX are also SIP edge-devices. This enables a unique
two-way phone integration between the Video Surveillance platform and many VoIP phone systems. 

Full Remote Instance Management for 3CX PBX  

IPTECHVIEW manages 3CX PBXs in the CLOUD and On-Premise and alerts users IP team or Technology Partner on detected challenges like reaching the limit on storage, concurrent licenses, QoS issues, or devices like phones, door stations, or camera not being present. 


With IPTECHVIEW you will be able to:

  • Monitor and manage different VoIP PBXs
  • Get proactive alerts from disconnected phones, PBX, or SIP trunk capacity limits
  • Monitor voice on different segments like phones, PBX, router or network
  • Manage IP cameras connected to your PBX

Cloud Objects


Many business processes now rely on the Cloud. Different equipment manufacturers cloud management tools and other systems may stop working or notifying us. IPTECHVIEW can protect us against these incidents.

IPTECHVIEW includes Cloud Object Monitoring, a "Universal Cloud Service Monitoring" feature, an easy to set up subscription service to check on any cloud service or discrete the server anywhere to verify its functionality. Not only heartbeat but also server/database response time will be tested to ensure full functionality.

Password Vault


Cloud Services from every vendor will emerge for every device. More intelligent devices will need to get managed by different techs. Who will manage all these passwords and oversee the security of this?

IPTECHVIEW offers a password vault that stores passwords in an easily accessible place for tech-support users when accessing devices one by one eliminating their need to keep copies for themselves and empowers companies to manage their passwords.

IPTECHVIEW developed native integration on many devices, further securing the login process by automating login via IPT Single Sign-On so that third-party tech-support never has access to the passwords of these devices.

Industry-specific specializations like telephony, CCTV, and access control, are now being blended into specializations inside of IT and requires a new approach where the subject matter expertise, networking, and IT skills all intersect in a new multi-disciplinarian way.


Provide your customers with a Cloud SBC solution instead of more local gear. Simply and remotely configure your phones to use NATPass - a reliable cloud-based far-end NAT traversed solution.  Fully Integrated with IPTECHVIEW.



NAT Traversal Made Easy

Just ship the SIP device. Once user conncets it to the network it works. No port-forwarding, VPN or management needed in remote router or firewall!

Protect your IP PBX or SIP Servers

Let NATPass be your only SIP app facing the public Internet. Protection against DoS and DDos. Nothing to hack, no SIP accounts are stored in NATPass.

Save Time & Money

An SBC does not need to be super expensive. Focus your time in adding value, not troubleshooting NAT traversal issues. We'll install it for you.

IPTECHVIEW was built to be a secure platform for viewing, accessing, analyzing alerting and acting on intelligent  multi-vendor Edge-devices.

IPT-Security Gateway

IPTECHVIEW was made to interoperate natively with certified intelligent edge-devices. This requires us to create special drivers or software in colaboration with the original equipment manufacturers. Today there is a growing list of select edge-devices for all key product lines.

For devices where this has not been yet done we created our own secure gateway.

With IPT Security Gateway if you have the correct priviledges it is possible to securely connect to a wide range of devices:

  • Routers and Switches by almost any brand
  • IP Cameras by almost any brand 
  • IoT devices from many brands
  • Access Control System 
  • IP Phones and PBX configurations 

Learn about the IPT Security Gate

Frequently Asked Questions

How does IPTECHVIEW ensure quality of service for voice and video in mixed networks?

IPTECHVIEW has a dedicated set of tools designed to manage and monitor the Quality of Service (QoS) in mixed voice, video, and data networks. In a multi-vendor environment, IPTECHVIEW constantly oversees the performance and can swiftly identify and rectify challenges requiring remote intervention.

Can IPTECHVIEW manage and monitor different VoIP PBXs?

Yes, IPTECHVIEW can monitor and manage a variety of VoIP PBXs, whether they are in the cloud or on-premise. The platform provides proactive alerts for issues like disconnected phones, PBX, SIP trunk capacity limits, and more, ensuring consistent VoIP service quality.

How does IPTECHVIEW handle potential challenges or problems with edge devices or cloud PBXs?

IPTECHVIEW offers comprehensive remote access tools for edge devices, on-premise systems, or cloud PBXs. Whenever a potential problem arises, it can be promptly resolved by the company's internal IT staff or their technology partners. This includes issues such as storage limits, license concerns, QoS issues, or missing devices like phones or cameras.

Can IPTECHVIEW integrate intelligent IP cameras like MOBOTIX with VoIP phone systems?

Absolutely. IP cameras, like MOBOTIX, function as SIP edge devices. IPTECHVIEW facilitates a unique two-way phone integration between the video surveillance platform and numerous VoIP phone systems, enhancing the synergy between voice and visual communications.

What is the purpose of the Cloud Object Monitoring feature in IPTECHVIEW?

The Cloud Object Monitoring in IPTECHVIEW serves as a "Universal Cloud Service Monitoring" tool. It's an easy-to-subscribe service that monitors any cloud service or discrete server to confirm its functionality. This feature checks not only the heartbeat of the server but also its response time, ensuring the full functionality of cloud VoIP providers and services.

How does IPT Security Gateway ensure secure connections to a wide range of devices?

IPT Security Gateway, developed by IPTECHVIEW, emphasizes security by offering features like a password vault, which securely stores passwords, ensuring only authorized personnel have access. Furthermore, with native integration on various devices, it automates the login process through IPT Single Sign-On, ensuring third-party tech support doesn't access device passwords, thereby maintaining the integrity of the VoIP-managed services.