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ATM Video Surveillance Service

ATM Video Surveillance Service

A large amount of money gets transacted in any ATM every day. Where there is an inventory of money, there are also chances of criminals and complications. As such, ATMs put ample thought into their security system.

Video surveillance is the digital method of ATM security as it gives both ATM customers and tellers greater safety. It is also a common way to deter crimes. The system involves various digital cameras angled at important spots of transactions.

This article dives deep into the necessity and benefits of ATM security.

Understanding the Role of Video Surveillance in ATM Security

Understanding the Role of Video Surveillance in ATM Security

Video surveillance is an imperative addition to the security of an ATM. Yes, human guards are a must, too, since surveillance devices can’t directly catch any criminal. However, they can act as a great tool for alerting personnel.

It is challenging to cover every corner of an ATM with human guards, something pretty easy for surveillance cameras. Moreover, these devices do way more. They can interact with the ATM’s system to track transactions, alert authorities if firearms are detected, and record number plates as evidence of crimes.

Key Features of ATM Video Surveillance Systems

Digital surveillance systems come with an array of features ready to elevate an ATM’s security to the next level. Some common examples are-

  • High-Definition Cameras: HD cameras are a key part of digital video surveillance. Unlike traditional CCTVs, they can capture and record events with high-resolution pictures.
  • Thermal Feature: Thieves like the dead of night for their nefarious acts. However, thermal cameras with automatic alerting systems are surely bad news for them.
  • Remote Monitoring: ATM managers and authorities may not always be present in the scene. Cloud-based VSaaS allows them to monitor the area remotely whenever they please.
  • Access Control System: Banks and ATMs can utilize the access control system integrated with video surveillance to prevent unwanted access and document the entrance to the vault.

Benefits of ATM Video Surveillance

Benefits of ATM Video Surveillance

ATM video surveillance is a game-changer in its security measures. Let’s explain some-

  • Enhancing security

Security of the ATM will increase by many folds once there is a surveillance system. It can also help detect if any teller is trying to perform fraudulent activity or bribery.

  • Providing real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring helps the personnel in charge of security to rush to the scene upon any incident that takes place. There won’t be any delay to catch any criminal or extinguish any hazard.

  • Improving Investigation Efficiency

ATM and bank robberies are common, making video footage data of the crime a must for evidence taking. The assistance of video surveillance makes that a piece of cake. The high-quality video can help law enforcement or forensic experts identify the criminals and events.

  • Tracking Transaction

Digital video surveillance software helps track data, such as the time it takes for each transaction, which ATM gets a bigger line, etc. Integrating the cameras with the digital teller also enables the former to zoom in and record anyone if they do something unusual with the ATM.

Compliance and Regulation

Laws for ATM surveillance may vary depending on the state. There are also federal laws. For example, federal law requires there to be at least one video camera at any ATM, be it outside or inside. The video footage must be kept at least 45 days after its use (which is one-time only).

Meanwhile, the videotapes mustn’t be in storage for over 365 days. Federal laws mostly talk about the security of the ATM. However, different states set their own additional rules to protect customer privacy.

New York, Texas, Florida, California, etc have their own regulations. We at IPTech always ensure to comply with the local, state, and federal regulations.

Implementation Process

Installation of IPTech’s ATM video surveillance system is done through multiple stages. The good news is that you don’t have to be tech-savvy for the installation because our IPTechpartner will handle it.

  • Site Assessment: We will inspect the ATM site first and check whether it is outside or inside, as well as its surroundings, to find the perfect location, angle, and device type for the job.
  • System Design: Afterwards, we check the ATM system and its design. Our goal is to ensure proper integrability between the ATM and our smart devices, like MOBTIX cameras or routers.
  • Installation: Once the strategy is done, we begin the installation. The process is quick since our devices come plug-and-play.
  • Testing: Finally, we conduct thorough testing to see if everything is operating well. We will also tell the appropriate authorities or security in charge about the management and access of the surveillance footage.

Integration with ATM Security Systems

It is possible to integrate IPTtech with an ATM security system by creating different software tailored to this purpose. For example-

  • Blurring Credit Card Data: According to the PCI compliance regulation, people’s credit card data must be protected. Adding software that blurs them automatically can do the job.
  • Night-Vision Cameras: When it goes dark, the cameras must be able to activate night-vision mode, enabling them to capture videos still without having to cast any auxiliary light.
  • Auto-Zoom-in Feature: Imagine an AI that zooms the cameras automatically on a person if they try something unusual with the ATM, causing the machine to alert law enforcement.

Case Studies and Success Stories

According to a study conducted by Tasriva Sikandar et al., ATM video surveillance systems have huge potential. However, the image processing features are not yet fully optimised for ATMs to this day.

Most are still using the conventional image processing algorithm, which is far behind today’s technology. It also talks about how digital and modern video surveillance can improve the security of ATMs.

We have had great success in satisfying our clients through different IoT services. Our services apply to various other industries, too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Are the Different Types of ATM Video Surveillance Systems?

From the early years to now, we have seen three types of ATM video surveillance systems. They are-

  • Analog video surveillance system with DVR.
  • IP video surveillance system with NVR.
  • Cloud-based hybrid video surveillance system.

The latter two are far more advanced than the first one.

Can Video Surveillance Cameras Detect ATM Crime?

Since there are various video analytics featured with modern video surveillance cameras, detecting ATM crime is simple nowadays. The devices can also detect covered faces, and facial recognition is possible with masked faces.

Can ATM Surveillance System Be Implemented in Pracical Environment?

Due to the high flexibility of digital surveillance systems, they can also be implemented in almost all practical ATM environments. There can be few exceptions, though.

Can ATM Surveillance Cameras Reduce Robbery and Crime?

ATM surveillance cameras can deter robbery and crime, and their footage can be used by law enforcement or forensic analysis to catch any criminal.


We hope that you can understand the various ways a digital surveillance system is mandatory for ATMs. While fully utilized, it can be the center digital control system for the security team, preventing any sort of threats.

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