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Technology Partners

We believe the future is multi-vendor and multi-disciplinary.

Our mission to help customers and their technology partners realize projects quicker and less costly was to collaborate with at least one select premium vendor per vertical to create a full multi-disciplinary solution with no vendor "lock-in".

Below is a shortlist of some of our most important featured technology partnerships:


Decentralized Smart Edge Devices

World leader in megapixel intelligent cameras. Created ACAP - a unique camera application platform.


DrayTek (Taiwan) offers the best mid-market network gear with highly respected routers, switches, and VPN concentrators.

IPTECHVIEW and DrayTek are Technology Partners

ETEN (Taiwan) Is an OEM manufacturer of highly reliable, ruggedized industrial POE switches and has created a joint model with IPTECHVIEW for secure native integration.

OEM Partner selected by IPTECHVIEW

Fanvil is recognized globally for VoIP-based telecommunication products for small and medium-sized business, as well as large mission-critical enterprise environments.

IPTECHVIEW and Fanvil are Technology Partners.

Creators of the KENTIX Alarm Manager offering unique environmental sensor solutions and intelligent IoT relays specially designed for access control applications.

IPTECHVIEW and KENTIX are Technology Partners.

MOBOTIX is the pioneer in IP Surveillance and the initial creator of the decentralized camera concept as well as of hemispheric camera and many other patented innovations.

IPTECHVIEW is a MOBOTIX Alliance Partner

Cloud & Software Partners

As the leader in PBX for Windows and Linux for commercial, public office, and non-profit space, IPTECHVIEW has chosen 3CX to create an integration, monitoring & management solution for geographically dispersed PBXs.

IPTECHVIEW Certified 3CX for its PBX Integration

Amazon AWS is the world leader in redundant cloud platform services and has proven to be our ideal platform 6 years ago and we now have POPs in 3 countries on 2 continents.

IPTECHVIEW has selected and certified AWS

Vaxtor develops high-performance Optical Character Recognition products and solutions, with a focus on License Plate Recognition in any scenario from any platform. Their in-house developed products are in continuous evolution, tried and tested OCR and LPR specific solutions for any segment of the market including Parking, Law Enforcement, Traffic and Trolling, Security, Access Control, Logistic, Smart Cities, as well as special applications for embedded systems.