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IPTECHVIEW is a universal cloud management platform for intelligent decentralized systems like video surveillance, access control, IoT, and infrastructure.

It creates a single management and monitoring platform, and a more uniform operating experience for users.

With IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM, organizations and their integrator partners have the capability to remotely - and securely - monitor and manage all their projects and provide an exceptional level of uptime, service, and speed in incident resolution.


IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM enables the organization and their technology partners to acquire pre-configured equipment that can easily and economically be installed anywhere pre-assigned to their projects and then remotely fine-tuned, reconfigured, monitored, simplifying deployment and life-long management. 



IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM enables surveillance partners to add as many customers, cameras, and locations as desired. IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM is perfect for any customer and any size camera deployment.



All communications are done over private and secure tunnels and software-defined network firewalls. Critical data is encrypted during transport and at rest. Our systems are monitored for security risks and breaches and we continuously adopt new security techniques and procedures. 




  • Save costs, de-risk, simplify, and speed up initial camera installations
  • Manage all aspects of customer's IP device deployments (like video cameras or access control) remotely and securely
  • No single point of failure
  • No extra hardware
  • Move from the "break-fix" customer model to a preventive maintenance model
  • Provide reports to educate end-user on SLAs and activities performed
  • Personal and direct access to surveillance system functionality, feedback, and real-time system health status
  • ... and much more


Creating a More Secure and Stable Environment for a Long-term Partnership


IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM empowers organizations and their technology partners to cooperate with remote maintenance. Partners can do remote work and offer customers flat maintenance contracts at a much better cost than "Break-Fix". This also empowers partners to maintain a much stronger support service staff and provide an exceptional level of service.

  • Making the surveillance solution more intuitive and user-friendly
  • Putting the unique functionality of intelligent surveillance cameras in the hands of the users by enabling partners to fine-tune things and activate to their customers on tools like IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM on both desktops and mobile apps
  • Stable service income empowers to expand their business for more managed services

The installation of IP-based solutions and future maintenance becomes much faster. Projects are much more scalable and easier to maintain with fewer resources.

Main Features

EMS - Security Element Management System

RMM - Multi-Vendor Remote System Health Monitoring

PPM - Predictive & Preventive Maintenance

MSP - Tools Including SLA Reports and Subscription Management


Other components:


CSA - Cloud Storage & Analytics

TPA - Third Party Add-Ons, Analytics & IoT

CSC - Customer Service Communications & Messaging (in planning)



Situational awareness and decision making are not isolated to just cameras or IoT devices, but also edge and cloud analytics and cloud storage.

How IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM Can Enhance Your Security Infrastructure

Embrace the future with IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM, a universal cloud management platform that revolutionizes the way you approach security. Designed specifically for intelligent decentralized systems, IPTECHVIEW offers cloud management solutions that are not only robust but also seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructures. The platform is built to manage, monitor, and enhance all aspects of your security setup, ensuring peace of mind and advanced protection.

How IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM Simplifies Maintenance and Monitoring

Gone are the days of cumbersome maintenance and tedious monitoring. With IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM, organizations can shift from the traditional "break-fix" model to a more proactive preventive maintenance model. 

The Enterprise cloud management platform allows technology partners to offer remote maintenance, monitor health statuses in real-time, and predict potential issues before they escalate, all while ensuring a stable service income.

Integrated Solutions: How IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM Maximizes Efficiency for Your IP-Based Device

In an age where multi-cloud management services and hybrid cloud management tools are essential, IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM emerges as a beacon of efficiency. By streamlining processes, supporting third-party add-ons, and offering tools for SLA reports and subscription management, it ensures that your IP-based solutions are not only efficiently managed but also primed for scalability and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM and other cloud management platforms?

IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM stands out as a universal cloud management platform designed for intelligent decentralized systems, such as video surveillance, IoT, access control, and infrastructure. It not only simplifies deployment and long-term management but is also scalable and highly secure, offering a more uniform user experience and a comprehensive platform for all IP device deployments.

Does IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM support third-party add-ons and devices?

Yes, IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM offers support for TPA - Third-Party Add-Ons, Analytics & IoT, ensuring that users can seamlessly integrate a wide variety of tools and devices into the platform for a holistic experience.

Can IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM be used on desktop and mobile devices?

Absolutely. IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM is designed for both desktop and mobile app accessibility, putting the unique functionality of intelligent surveillance cameras and other tools directly in the hands of users regardless of the device they're using.

What kind of security measures are in place to protect data and sensitive information?

IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM emphasizes high-level security. All communications are conducted over private and secure tunnels with software-defined network firewalls. Critical data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Furthermore, the systems are constantly monitored for security risks, and the platform continually adopts the latest security techniques and procedures.

Is technical support available for IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM?

Yes, IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM provides dedicated technical support to assist users with any challenges or queries they might have, ensuring smooth operation and optimal user experience.