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Cloud Video Surveillance


Simplify Video Surveillance And Make It More Useful


Intuitive Interface to Work on your Device of Choice from Anywhere

The easier and faster to can access live and recorded video, the more people can access it, and the simpler it is to see things the more secure your environment will become. The one aspect almost everyone told us they needed was an intuitive and easy user interface.

In addition to security your video can be used for process improvement, policy enforcement, HR issues, material handling, storage & space optimization, training, and more. 

video surveillance for any device
single sign-on options

Single-Sign-On & Privileges

Different People in the Organization Have Very Different Needs and Perspectives

IPTECHVIEW makes user access and privilege management easy for small and large organizations.

The platform offers two distinct entry points for users and system managers to cover the needs of each group and keep training and configuration as simple as possible. IPTECHVIEW is the only video surveillance platform designed with both the user and the integrator or manager in mind.

It's also built for all sizes from small and medium businesses to larger organizations. It offers advanced user management and is able to scale to thousands of users where needed.

No Servers, No Software


Our principle is Just Cameras & Cloud™. We eliminate the need for all local servers.

Cameras ship pre-configured. Once the wiring is in place, deployment is simple, lightning-fast, and inexpensive.

Updates are provided automatically over the cloud. Post-sales maintenance & management can be provided remotely to eliminate or reduce travel costs and enable much faster service. Inexpensive remote maintenance plans and hardware warranty included in the subscription eliminate unexpected expenses.

The less equipment, the more future proof. New optional features are added regularly to provide new functionality, analytics, and more, all on the same system.

preconfigurd cameras

A Cloud Storage Platform Made for Video Surveillance

NO HASSLE SURVEILLANCE! Just add your cameras to the platform! Pick retention time and done! No hardware! No maintenance!

  • Scales from a single camera at one location to hundreds of locations with thousands of cameras
  • All video is stored redundantly locally in an SD card and moved to the cloud for secure remote access. If there is an Internet outage cameras will continue recording for up to two weeks. 
  • Quasi unlimited storage potential & regular backups. No local storage drives are needed. No maintenance. 
  • Retention by the camera from 24 hrs to 365 days or more
  • Extraordinary features like time-lapse for up to 365 days or more


cloud storage for video surveillance
proactive notification for situational awareness

Proactive Notifications 

Speed up and scale your situational awareness with near real-time notifications

Seconds count when issues arise. IPTECHVIEW’s rich and unique built-in features like Activity Alert, AlarmReady, actively monitor and take appropriate action to notify the correct decision-makers and first responders. Whether response protocols require internal resources or external contractors for immediate intervention - without the round-robin phone calls.

Results-driven Analytics


Measure And Quantify Alerts, Events, and People Traffic With Analytical Data for Improved Manufacturing And Retail Strategies


Market predictions lack the granularity of being present as people move throughout your locations. Averages paint an abstract picture. At-the-edge video and thermal presence analytics give an exacting representation of traffic flow without limited surface-level datasets. Placement of retail products and operational safety improvements can be implemented for sound strategies to yield results beyond assumptive reports.


video and thermal presence analytics

BLUEPRINT-AR™, Augmented Reality Floor Plans that Integrate Data, Alerts & Actions 


Floor plans and aerial views will show cameras and other devices in the field, provide live data like temperatures, people count, or air quality as well as enable actions like controlling power to devices or controlling access control for authorized users.

augmented reality blueprint placement
augmented reality blueprint view

Scaling All the Way to the Clouds


When deploying a surveillance solution with IPTECHVIEW the sky's the limit. Start with as few as one or two cameras per location. A proof-of-concept or pragmatic roll-out that over time scales into the full solution. Ready to add access control, analytics, IoT, and more?

Every project can scale to multiple locations and thousands of cameras. Our platform is already translated into 14 languages and operates in more than 20 countries on four continents.

scaling multiple locations to thousands of cameras
simple remote access and support

Analyze and Control the Things You Need and Care About


The platform is designed from the bottom-up so you can scale, operate in an expanding multi-vendor space, and access data and control different technology solutions. Fewer apps, less learning for users. Simpler, easier, and more economical to support. IPTECHVIEW stands for one system for secure remote IP technology access and remote support for all your IP solutions. 

Leverage Expert Project Engineers


To buy your surveillance from an IPTECHPARTNER™ means to have a new long-term partner. IPTECHPARTNER™s are carefully selected for their experience in IP technology in general, networking, communications, and physical security skills.

We believe the future is multi-disciplinary and it's best to have a single partner that can do more than one specialty. You need a partner that will know your business, how you operate and has a team that will provide you the best value and long-time service.

Today everything is interconnected and you need a team that is ready for that. IPTECHPARTNER™s are part of a global partner team supported by IPTECHVIEW.  

Become a Partner:      USA & CANADA     INTERNATIONAL

IPTECH Partner

Cloud-Ready Gear

Lower your Cost and Install Faster. 


Everything ships tested and pre-provisioned with standard default threshold alerts. Deployment of the system is fast, easy, and economical. Equipment is pre-configured for remote setup. Fine-tuning and future configuration changes can be done in the cloud by your installer minimizing the need for on-site work making any future maintenance, faster and more economical. 

cloud-ready and pre-provisioned switches and cameras