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IPTECHVIEW SURVEILLANCE - Because Vigilance Never Sleeps

Detect. Direct. Decide.

IPTECHVIEW's intelligent cloud camera platform can automatically detect anomalies within your hardware device ecosystem, software settings, or even live video footage and then direct the findings in real-time to the relevant authorized users inside and/or outside your organization so that they can make informed decisions as to how best to react and respond to actual or imminent malfunctions, threats, or opportunities.

Let IPTECHVIEW put your cameras to work for you.

A Surveillance Platform for All

The need for safety and protection is universal. IPTECHVIEW SURVEILLANCE was built to be intuitive and simple, so it can be used by anyone - from the Office Manager to the CEO, from HR to Loss Prevention. 

"The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple." - Albert Einstein


Business Camera Video Surveillance
Business Video Surveillance Cameras on your iPad

Your Future-proof Platform

IPTECHVIEW was created to view more than cameras. It can access many other IP devices like access control, video door stations, communications, paging, or environmental sensors from different vendors minimizing vendor lock-in and providing access to the best in each field to future-proof your solution. 

We selected and certified top brands of cameras, different access control and IoT vendors, routers and PoE switches to create a more logical ecosystem. You and your team only need to learn one way of doing things on the platform regardless of brand of device or application. 


Many times owners and management need to see things with their own eyes. IPTECHVIEW SURVEILLANCE makes it easy for casual employees to access all the functionality they need while protecting privacy and security with flexible privilege levels. 


Customizable to your Needs

Put your managers and security specialists at ease by giving them customizable views so they can see exactly what they need. Easily log, tag, and share events for management review or send video to law enforcement agencies in seconds. 

Customizable Video Surveillance Camera System for Business

Works from anywhere, at any time, on any devices (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone) with secure remote connectivity requiring no or minimal client-side configuration.

Video Surveillance to Protect Your Business

How do users benefit from IPTECHVIEW SURVEILLANCE?


  • Live video and smart customizable alerts by email or SMS

  • Recorded video securely offsite with a retention period of choice

  • Situation awareness with floor plan and easy grid views

  • Share videos and location information from anywhere, including mobile device
  • Highly scalable, customizable & personalizable system

  • Continuously growing support for new, device and cloud-based analytics options 
  • Our local technology partners ensure our vision of high-tech & high-touch


Situational awareness and decision making are not isolated to just cameras or IoT devices, but also edge and cloud analytics and cloud storage.