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How to Protect Perimeters with Price Effective Intelligent Thermal Cameras

Perimeter Protection with EcoIR Sensor

IPTECHVIEW Cloud Video Surveillance offers a super effective perimeter protection solution. It is based on the combination of IPTECHVIEW's secure cloud remote setup, management and monitoring cameras and for sensors uses MOBOTIX 7 Series smart AI capable cameras with new Eco thermal sensor modules. In this case Eco stands for more economical, but make no mistakes this is a thermal powerhouse of a sensor.

MOBOTIX cameras are designed to operate either standalone as intelligent edge devices or as a group of intelligent swarm IP cameras with their own AI and alerting capabilities. This is great but becomes a problem when having to manage many such independent cameras.

IPTECHVIEW was designed just for that, it compounds the power of independent edge devices with a secure cloud based central management platform that enables remote programming, proactive individualized alerts, remote live access, cloud storage and most important the ability to adjust logic, video windows or any AI settings remotely.

The more intelligent a camera is, the more its value stems from good programming and professional setups. Real-life use has shown that intelligent cameras can add a lot more value, less false alerts and quality real time intelligence if programmed well and frequently adjusted to real life’s changing conditions.

MOBOTIX’s new thermal eco-sensor is capable of seeing movement up to a distance of 300m and comes with 2 different field of view choices: 105° or 56°. This allows users a customized solution based on a variety of environmental challenges. 

The 7-series cameras follow a modular design, allowing for a very customizable setup and can operate up to 4 different sensors, for example you can combine a thermal sensor with an optical day&night ultra-low light sensor and also add a IR illumination as well as an audio module to it.

The most topical applications are perimeter protection of resorts, government buildings like embassies, high end homes, specialty farms like avocado plantations, access to certain hunting areas and many other similar outdoors protected areas. Not similar but also vital are early fire warning systems such as forest fires in the west or in the extreme hot and cold of the Canadian Prairie regions.

IPTECHVIEW SURVEILLANCE provides a complete video management tool that is accessible on any computer and even a smartphone. The user side is made to be super user friendly and easy to use while at the same time very powerful. The platform also has a fantastic central management tool that is multi-location and offers cloud storage, cloud analytics, system health monitoring, tamper protection and lots of proactive notifications.

Thanks to our partner Sedi, Germany, Mobotix cameras can be sent on a 360° tour to scan for threats, like smoke or fire, automatically - saving thousands of dollars in additional camera investments. 

Our own IPTechView LTE-POE-Gateway provides the connectivity through 4G LTE using 2 SIM cards for redundancy as well as providing WIFI and 4x POE OUT ports locally. 

Call us today at 972-222-1110 for more information and your own individualized starter kit, and learn about the almost endless possibilities using Mobotix, Thermal sensors, smart add-ons and IPTECHVIEW’s cloud management platform.



Christian Findt.