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KENTIX Solutions Integrated with IPTECHVIEW

People Counting, Early Fire & Carbon Monoxide Detection, and Ensuring Air Quality/Low Aerosols Level - all with the Kentix Multisensor-TI

Imagine using just one device to count people while at the same time ensuring air quality and a low level of aerosols in the air. Now you can with the Kentix MultiSensor TI.

Smart ideas come sometimes in small boxes, welcome to the Kentix MultiSensor TI. The new MultiSensor TI truly is a powerhouse when it comes to measuring and analyzing not only the environment but also movement. In short, the MultiSensor TI is the authority when it comes to reliable people counting.

People counting in general can be divided into 2 different focus applications: Presence Counting and Passage Counting. Presence counting watches over a set area to ensure that only a certain amount of people is present in an area at the same time. Passage counting watches over doors to know exactly how many people have entered and exited. The goal for both disciplines is the same: warning people who like to enter a room or an area if it is safe to do so.

Naturally, rooms might have multiple entrances and exits while some rooms are larger than others. This is why multiple MultiSensor TIs can be combined logically to one smart unit. All units share their data to the main sensor which calculates the right amount of people. When a threshold is reached, a warning light or display can be turned on at the doors or within the rooms.

The Kentix MultiSensor TI is able to count people reliably using its thermal imaging sensor which supersedes traditional people counting methods based on classical motion detection where the light level needs to be at least 34 lux. So now, even darker areas won’t pose a challenge for reliable people counting.

Monitor Equipment and Surfaces for Temperatures beyond set Thresholds

While the IoT Kentix TI (Thermal Infrared Radiation Sensor) is not a full blown IP Camera but nevertheless for simpler projects it can be coupled with Mobotix and AXIS in IPTECHVIEW and rules can be set for alerts that will collect and add video footage from the Video Cameras.

IP Cameras can be used for more advance solutions.

Thema Images from Kentix TI can be shown on IPTECHVIEW's Blueprint-AR™ as real time blueprint overlays along with live date on people count numbers and any other parameters.

But this is not all the MultiSensor TI can do:

Reduce aerosols through integrated air quality sensor

Aerosols are the smallest suspended particles that are released into the air when exhaled. Viruses can sit on these tiny particles. The danger: the more people in a room, the more aerosols are in the air, and in the worst case, more viruses.

The integrated air quality sensor uses certain algorithms to calculate the carbon dioxide content which allows the air quality to be permanently monitored. This allows the user to set the quality level for activating the alarm by himself. As a basis for such alerts the different levels of the so-called “Air-Quality-Index” (IAQ) from “excellent” to “extremely dirty” are used. Accordingly, instructions such as “Improve ventilation” can be displayed on a connected monitor or, alternatively, the MutliSensor TI can activate a fan or HVAC system.

Stay Relaxed

Thanks to the new Kentix MultiSensor TI, many dangers can be identified early helping to keep your mission critical infrastructure safe. A danger known is a danger half avoided! Connect with us to learn more and to get your own MultiSensor TI in black or white.

Pre-provisioned Kentix

Kentix device are best ordered pre-provisioned to your account or even your customers sub-account if you specify an IPTECHVIEW Sub-Account / Location on your Purchase order or online order form in the Partner Store.


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