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Video Surveillance Systems for Business Security

Commitment to Excellence

IPTECHVIEW’s cloud-based video surveillance system provides a 360° solution for businesses with complex and unique needs. By meeting the diverse needs of small to large-scale businesses, these systems offer scalability and simplicity.

Unified Security Systems

Seamless Integration

Unified Security Systems

Advanced video surveillance systems of IPTECHVIEW can integrate seamlessly into existing business infrastructures, enhancing overall security protocols. The solutions ensure easy adoption by being intuitive and allow effective monitoring of your business 24/7. 

Scalable Solutions for Any Business Size

Whether you’re looking for surveillance technology for small boutiques or large-scale enterprises, IPTECHVIEW’s solutions are scalable. This adaptability allows businesses of any size to employ advanced security measures without having to compromise on cost-effectiveness. 

Highlighted Sectors

IPTECHVIEW’s solutions are adaptable to any and all business sectors, from catering to cannabis facilities. 

Shopping Centers

Tailored surveillance technology focuses on loss prevention and ensuring customer safety, assisting in retail environments. 

Logistics and Warehouse Monitoring

Streamlining operations and protecting assets: these two mottos allow IPTECHVIEW’s systems to provide scalable and adaptive solutions for logistics and warehouse sectors.


Cutting-edge surveillance devices provide much-needed peace of mind for both parents and staff in daycares. 

Cannabis Facilities

Surveillance solutions comply with stringent industry-specific regulations specific to the cannabis industry, allowing zero compromises in legality and security. 

Automotive Dealerships

Optimized video surveillance allows security and monitoring of high-value inventory and customer interactions, which is essential for automotive dealerships

Customizable Features

Customizable Features

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

Emergencies require immediate attention, and thanks to the analytics in our surveillance cameras, it is made possible.

Regardless of your business, crime and theft can be common. Our real-time monitoring and alarm features swiftly tackle any unauthorized break-ins, heralds of any hazard, or anyone falling into danger.

Analytical Tools

Analytical Tools

Video analytics is the standard of today’s surveillance measures, and IPTECHVIEW provides the best of it. Our analytical software makes it possible to keep documents of different activities within your business facilities. By doing so, you can boost your product sales, observe customer interactions, and track traffic to make informed plans.

Remote Access

IPTECHVIEW only believes in cloud video servers instead of unreliable and less secure on-site servers. Combining that with our BYOD (bring your own device) method, business owners can observe everything taking place in their premises within the comfort of their homes using their own smartphones or laptops.

Data Security and User Privacy

Compliance and Ethics

Each state has its law regarding surveillance, and we pay special mind to that. For example, the data in the cloud storage must be removed within a specific time by federal law. IPTECHVIEW ensures that its surveillance system always abides by any and all sorts of security standards while ensuring the privacy of employees and businesses.

Encryption and Secure Storage

With IPTECHVIEW, you will never have to worry about the privacy of your business, workers, and valuables. Since we use strong security methods, such as two-step verification, private encrypted tunnel, encrypted cloud server, etc., unauthorized access to your video footage will prove to be an impossible task for anyone.

Professional Installation and Support

Professional Installation and Support

Expert Setup

Our clients never have to worry about the installation process of our technology. All you need to do is plan out the locations of the surveillance cameras, and our IPTECH partners will handle the rest.

As our technicians are professional, you can cease to worry about poor performance or a waste of time with the installation.

Customer Support

IPTECHVIEW doesn’t stop with the installation but also informs and educates the staff in charge of security about what they need to know to manage our surveillance system. But worry not, as our simple and user-friendly interface is too easy to get accustomed to. We also respond fast to any query or necessary support for our dear customers.

Testimonials and Success Stories

We can proudly say that the service of IPTECHVIEW has managed to win the hearts of all our customers so far, and we are sure that we can do the same for you.

Proof of Excellence

We believe in actions more than words. Let’s check what our satisfied customers have to say about us-

The visibility into all our projects installations in one place is amazing!

NCPI, LTD, (London, UK)

As a distributor of IP Cameras, IPTECHVIEW is a very special tool for us.

Frank Goldewijk, Directeur- EIGENAAR BIJ GOLD-IP BV, (The Randstad, Netherland)

I have not found anything better to remotely manage my project and my customer’s cameras.

Juan Daroqui, CEO - DEVISIONNETWORK (Foios, Spain)

I didn’t have to worry at all!

Rick Rollerson, RO IT Solution (Dallas, Texas)

Future-Proof Technology

Innovation and Upgrades

Stopping to a standstill is never our motto, as we keep walking forward with our technological innovations. As the IT world advances, so do different forms of crimes and their methods. So, it is the duty of IPTECHVIEW to keep up and upgrade our system before others do.

Always bringing you the latest cutting-edge technology is what we aim for, and we don’t compromise on any end to reach that goal.

Regardless of what your business stands for and what you have set as your future route, we can deliver you the best surveillance means so that you don’t have to worry on that end. Our technology is flexible, custom, and highly secure, making us the most trusted partner you can find on the surveillance market.

Let’s introduce our surveillance system to you or schedule a consultation for personalized discussion to set foot on our journey to that wonderful partnership.


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