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All You Can Do with the Kentix Smart Access System

So far, you’ve seen that the Kentix SmartAccess system is small and smart. Now, let’s look at the different components you can use and some best practices along the way. I will point out some SKUs along the way to make it easier to communicate with regarding which set you would like to work with.

StarterSet KXC-WA3-IP1 - Wall Reader

This starter kit includes 1x SmartRelay as well as the WA3 RFID/Keypad module. It can be expanded with any additional module since one SmartRelay can control up to 2 doors. It can also be expanded by using the new Kentix-GO system. There is an on-wall mounting plate available which is best used for retrofits or if you cannot put it into the wall at all.

This keypad is IP54 rated which means it needs protection against splash water and works in a temperature range from -25°C (-13°F) to +60°C (140°F). If you need an IP66 rated module, we recommend using the WA6 units which are introduced further down.

The additional RFID/Keypad can be ordered with this SKU: KXC-WA3-IP2

Kentix Wall Reader and Smart Relay

StarterSet KXC-WA6-IP1 - Frame Reader

Much slimmer in design as well as IP66 rated, this module is recommended for every project requiring a slim design or in environmentally tougher situations since it is IP66 rated. It works in environments from -40°C (-40°F) up to +60°C (140°F).

As with the WA3, this unit comes with a SmartRelay and can be extended with a second frame reader using KXC-WA6-IP2. Of course, a mix and match WA3 & WA6 would work as well as with any other module, including Kentix-GO

Kentix Frame Reader and Smart Relay

StarterSet KXC-WA3-IP1-OUTDOOR - Wall Reader

This RFID Reader unit is the tougher brother of the WA3. It comes with no keypad but is also IP66 rated and works in the extended temperature range of -40°C (-40°F) to +60°C (140°F).

As with the other modules, it, too, can be extended with a second RFID reader unit using the SKU KXC-WA3-IP2-OUTDOOR or any other unit.

Kentix Outdoor Wall Reader

StarterSet KXC-WA2-IP1 - Wall Reader Switch Box

For projects where aesthetics play a big role, this unit can be used. It’s basically the same as the WA3 but it can be installed within DIN switch boxes which allows you a specific look and feel. Needless to say that this should only be used indoors.

It also can be extended with an extra reader using this SKU: KXC-WA2-IP2

Kentix Wall Reader Switch Box

StarterSet KXC-WA5-IP1 - Fingerprint RFID Reader

PIN codes and RFID fobs can be passed on easily which is a loophole in most security scenarios. To prevent this from happening, Kentix offers a Fingerprint RFID reader unit which allows biometric two-factor authentication.

As with all Kentix IP readers, management is done via the SmartRelay software. The biometric features of the finger are written to the card via special enrollment cards. The enrollment process takes place directly at the reader. Authorized access is then only possible from the person whose card matches the finger. As with all other readers, the reader can be combined with all other Kenitx modules.

Additional Fingerprint RFID Readers can be order using KXC-WA5-IP2
Special Enrollment Cards can be ordered using KXC-WA5-PC

Kentix Fingerprint RFID Reader

StarterSet KXC-RA4-IP1-R/L - Rack Handle RFID/PIN

A very special solution for all server racks or similar storage solutions is the Kentix Rack Handle. It features an RFID reader but also has a small keypad included. Like the other StarterSets, it comes with a SmartRelay but can be extended to work with up to 16 Rack Handles using only 1 POE port! When ordering, you need to know if you need a right-turning or left-turning unit. The following SKUs are available:

StarterSet Rack Handle, right-turning: KXC-RA4-IP1-R
StarterSet Rack Handle, left-turning: KXC-RA4-IP1-L
Extender Rack Handle, right-turning: KXC-RA4-IP2-R
Extender Rack Handle, left-turning: KXC-RA4-IP2-L

However, please, involve us in your pre-engineering activities when planning to increase this to 16 units so that we help you get the right distribution boxes and other accessories needed for this. 

Here's a visual example how it could look:

Kenti9x Rack Handle RFID/Pin
Kentix Rack Handle RFID/PIN
Kentix Rack Handle RFID/PIN

Again, mix and match is always possible and allows for a very flexible, secure and smart installation. The many options offered by Kentix should allow for a wide range of applications and a high security level.

Thanks for reading part 2 of the Kentix Smart Access solution. In the final part 3, we look at how all of this is easily accessible and integrated into our IPTechView platform. 

As always, please, contact us at 972-222-1110 or email for any questions you may have or to order your own StarterKit right now.


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