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Can a smart access control solution be simple to use and easy to install and set up?

How simple can it be to install a cloud-based or on-premise modern access control solution that is based on a decentralized intelligent end-point? Can we have highly intelligent smart systems that can be set up as a SaaS (Software as as Service) solution, yet have a simple and fast setup?

The short answer: Yes it can - meet the Kentix SmartAccess Solution

Part 1 - Introduction of a new decentralized access control concept. In the center is the Smart Relay that basically controls everything.

While other manufacturers have a complex and confusing product portfolio when it comes to access control, Kentix loves to keep things simple. All you need to have is a SmartRelay and either an RFID card (yes only a card) or an RFID reader/keypad combination. 

In this part of the introduction, I’m focusing on the smart and easy setup before moving on to the different readers and biometric options Kentix is offering. So, on the left, you see the Kentix frame reader with one SmartRelay.

The small cube can control up to 2 doors, and can manage many others of its type by daisy chaining them. Once chained, all information will be shared so that only the master unit needs to be managed.

The SmartRelay powers the reader and in most cases, the door lock or latch, too. Since it is a low-voltage POE (Power over Ethernet) device, backing it up with a UPS is easy and supports the system for hours in case of a power outage.

Here’s an example of a meshed network with 3 SmartRelays (named AccessManager1-3):

Together, they control 5 doors in this building:

By now, you might be wondering what software is needed and where it runs. Well, the answer is simple, it’s a web server built into the SmartRelay - this means, all you need to manage the system is a web-browser and a connection to the unit:

Again, all you need is 1 SmartRelay and a RFID card and/or a RFID reader/keyboard and you have all the hardware you need besides the door itself and its lock. No server, no software needed!

Many times when discussing this solution with partners and clients, I often meet skepticism since compared to other solutions on the market, it doesn’t seem to be enough. No panels, no boards, no gateways is hard to believe when all their lives they were told otherwise. I understand that. Ocne the first shock has been overcome, the next question I often get is about the features of the solution itself. Like is that it? Or can it do more?

Well, as always, I keep my answer easy: no, that’s not all and yes, it can do more. Let me show you what I mean:

First, the Kentix SmartRelay can also monitor door sensors to alert you when a door hasn’t been closed or locked. Each SmartRelay has 2 INPUT relays which make it easy to connect hard-wired sensors. 

Second, the SmartRelay can also be connected to other Alarm Systems. Depending on the alarm system, the SmartRelay can be programmed to arm or disarm that system. Again, the connection can be hard wired or a digital connection using Webhooks can be established. It just depends as much on the other system than on the SmartRelay.

Third, another great feature of Kentix is the ability to connect the SmartRelay to IP cameras on the same network.

With this, the user gets visual info about who entered or tried to enter without switching programs! Trust me, this is a HUGE feature and loved by end-users since it saves them time and only requires them to start their VMS (Video Management System) when there truly was a problem.

Currently, this feature supports the following brands: Mobotix, AXIS and soon IPTECHVIEW’s Universal cameras.

Again, all of this in such a small and smart package:

That’s it for today. Part 2 is coming soon in which I will introduce you to all the identification options including keypads, fingerprint readers, rack-locks and much more.

As always, please, contact us at 972-972-222-1110 or for any questions you may have or to order your own StarterKit right now.


Christian Findt.