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How to Select the Right Cloud Video Surveillance Platform to Sell

In this article, we will adopt the perspective that, in the future, most video surveillance projects will be cloud-based. This shift is due to the more convenient access, higher scalability, redundancy, reduced need for local hardware, easier central management, and, although at first counter-intuitive,  higher security offered by cloud storage, among other reasons. Traditional concerns about bandwidth, security, and cost have been resolved. Public acceptance is gradually forming akin to what happened with mail servers, PBXs, and other technologies that all were deemed too critical to move to the cloud and today are all in the cloud.

The question then becomes which cloud solutions to choose. Decision criteria range from features, benefits, price, and technology, to the vision and business conditions for channel partners.

Decision criteria for selecting a surveillance platform

As this new industry evolves, we will witness disruptors attempting to bypass the channel and go directly to the end-users with varying degrees of intensity. Some will market directly to avoid the channel. In contrast, others will utilize current channels but take over customer relationships, absorbing most of the profits and leaving the “partner” with minimal profits from the installation. Most VC or Private Equity-owned businesses will design models that leverage partners’ labor and experience while maximizing their control, long-term benefits, and growth.

In contrast, IPTECHVIEW was developed organically as a platform for integrators and installers to provide a more user-friendly solution, yet to assist the resellers of IP technology solutions and camera installers in extending their business model from “reselling” and “installing” to becoming a long-term solution provider. Our vision is for partners to get double recurring revenue when using IPTECHVIEW. Once for selling the value of the platform service to the customer, and second for selling their own service plan. With IPTECHVIEW, resellers can attach their own remote service and support plan to all the IPTECHNOLOGY solutions they sell while provisioning a mission-critical service level if they wish to do so. IPTECHVIEW Partners earn the support revenue (unlike the large national players’ support, typically outsourced to offshore call centers) and become a single source of expertise and service to their customers.

Small and medium businesses and similar organizations require personalized support from local stakeholders who understand their business and its circumstances. These partners should support not just one aspect of the company’s needs but be more involved in the infrastructure, ideally as multidisciplinary technology partners overseeing various systems and acting as true technology partners. This is one of the principles of IPTECHVIEW.

Our core objectives are:

1. To provide a system where designing and quoting end-user projects are fast & easy, and scaling from one to hundreds of cameras per location, and from one location to a nationwide network is scalable without any arbitrary steps like these imposed by servers or gateway boxes. This will result in less hassles and limitations, faster business processes, less friction, and better pricing.

2. To make installation fast and easy using pre-configured equipment like cameras and cloud-managed POE switches, which improve partners’ economics.

3. To offer a simple yet powerful user experience. Companies need tools that a wide range of users can use without lengthy training while still providing advanced features for power users. IPTECHVIEW achieves this by keeping advanced features in the background to avoid intimidating casual users.

4. To meet users’ desires for a solution that not only scales from small to large or from one office to nationwide but also offers vertical expandability, like growing from surveillance to access control, alarm integration, video door stations, and other IoT solutions. Ideally, the partner can sell one solution at a time and expand the users’ functionality year after year.

5. In a rapidly changing world with the increasing integration of AI in camera, cloud, or hybrid rule-based solutions, users need a professional partner to maximize the system’s value. IPTECHVIEW provides the reseller with a unique, secure remote management platform, custom-engineered to empower resellers to perform this role for all their customers from a single pane of glass, adding a valuable recurring revenue stream to their business model.

6. Some larger users also want management access to their systems, and IPTECHVIEW supports co-management and logs who accessed or changed what.

Overall, we see IPTECHVIEW as a powerful and attractive solution for a wide range of technology partners that covers most of their customers' needs and as a partner-centric cloud management solution that benefits technology partners at several levels of their economic endeavors.

After six years of developing and polishing the solution, now that the platform is market-ready, it is time for us at ABP, as the distributor for IPTECHVIEW, to select dedicated and committed partners who will become part of a winning group of technology partners who make this partner-centric solution the core of their success and provide a new level of service and long-term commitment to their customers' security and automation needs.

Join us now to be one of our early adopters, join our advisory team, and be part of the first group of partners for this year's Premium Partner Awards. Become a Partner 


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