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IPTECHVIEW Announces the Launch of IPT-CAMViewer-ONE: A Revolutionary Cloud-Managed Video Decoder

DALLAS, April 3, 2024  -- IPTECHVIEW, a leader in cloud-based surveillance technology, is proud to unveil its latest innovation, the IPT-CAMViewer-ONE. IPTECHVIEW, along with this cutting-edge device, is set to redefine video surveillance standards by offering a seamless, high-quality, and low-latency video streaming experience directly from IP cameras to any monitor or TV without needing a PC.

Designed to operate as a local device with direct connections to cameras, the IPT-CAMViewer-ONE operates locally with no external bandwidth consumption while delivering crystal-clear video streams at up to 30 frames per second for up to 24 simultaneous video feeds. This ensures that users' experience on this cloud-based system is natural-looking fast video playback, providing comprehensive situational awareness across various environments, including large office spaces, manufacturing facilities, and retail stores. Multiple devices can be deployed where needed, showing an entire video wall or just a required subset of cameras. This democratizes video access. IPTECHVIEW is more secure than an on-premise VMS since it has no single point of failure. It also ensures that the IPTECHVIEW cloud video surveillance security cameras always stay visible for the security team on-premise, even during an internet outage. The security team will never be blind.

With the debut of IPT-CAMViewer-ONE, we're pushing the boundaries of what was possible with cloud video surveillance and now offer a seamless, high-quality video surveillance experience that equals or surpasses traditional systems yet improves, operational efficiency through remote management.Post this

Robert Messer, CEO of "With the debut of IPT-CAMViewer-ONE, we're not just unveiling a product; we're pushing the boundaries of what was possible with cloud video surveillance, and now offer a seamless, high-quality video surveillance experience that equals or surpasses traditional system yet improves, operational efficiency through remote management. At IPTECHVIEW, we believe in empowering organizations with the tools they need to ensure their success and that customers' security is never left in the dark, even in the face of an internet outage. The CAMViewer just like our platform is designed to work with multiple camera brands, and supports cameras from leading brands like Axis, MOBOTIX, and some NDAA-compliant cameras - all cloud-direct, serverless, and redundant with no single point of failure.

The IPT-CAMViewer-ONE is a testament to our vision of a world where advanced surveillance in the cloud is accessible to all, ensuring a safer tomorrow."

The true innovation behind the IPT-CAMViewer-ONE lies in its cloud-managed capabilities. Preconfigured for plug-and-play ease, the device can be remotely adjusted and set up via the IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM's remote management interface. Administrators can effortlessly configure grid layouts for all CamViewers, allowing for a tailored viewing experience that meets the specific needs of each deployment.

With its ability to decode main and high-profile H.264 RTSP video streams, the IPT-CAMViewer-ONE guarantees exceptional image quality, enabling users to capture every detail with unmatched precision. This feature, combined with its role as a deterrent by showcasing a live, high-quality video system, positions the IPT-CAMViewer-ONE as an essential tool for modern surveillance needs.

The IPT-CAMViewer-ONE is powerful, generates 4K video, can run on POE, and boasts a sleek and elegant design that allows seamless integration into any setting. This appliance is a testament to IPTECHVIEW's commitment to innovation and its dedication to providing advanced surveillance solutions that enhance security and operational efficiency.

IPTECHVIEW invites businesses and organizations to experience the future of surveillance designing solutions, including the IPT-CAMViewer-ONE. For more information on how to transform your surveillance capabilities, please visit


IPTECHVIEW is a leading provider of cloud-based surveillance solutions (VSaaS), delivering innovative and user-friendly technologies for a wide range of surveillance needs. With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, IPTECHVIEW continues to push the boundaries of technology to create solutions that empower users to monitor and secure their environments more effectively. Visit us at


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